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Most people want customized menu, contact us. We still show some menus so that you have a starting point for ideas.

All prices include VAT. Tablecloths, napkins and candles.

Company menu academy Spring

Meny 1

Cauliflower soup, croutons and bacon

Baked cod
pickled carrot, roasted potatoes and hollandaise

Yoghurt pannacotta with raspberrycoulis

kr. 610,- per person

Meny 2

Tomato salad
red onion, white vine vinagrett, roasted almonds, cheesecream and crispy ham

caramellized onion pure,pickled onion, roasted potatoes and redwine sauce

Caramellized white chocolate mousse, lemon coulis and berries

645,- per person

Meny 3

Crab salad
roasted focaccia, trout roe and heartleaf lettuce

Chicken confit
roasted potatoes with charlottes and parsley, baked cabbage and ramson sauce

Nemesis brownie
fresh berries and whipped vanilla crème fraiche

610,- per person

Meny 4 vegetarian

Green asparagus
horseradish sauce, chives oil and Jerusalem artichocke chips

Pearl barley «risotto»
fried mushroom, brokkolini and chimichurri

Strawberries with whipped vegetarian cream and oatmeal crumbles.

605,- per person

Lunch menu spring

Meny 1

Caramellized cauliflower, cauliflower pure, roasted almonds, trout roe and cauliflower crudite

Main course
Baked salmond, green peas, charlottes, roasted potatoes, butterglazed mini carrots andhollandaise sauce

Lemoncake with lemoncaramell, lemoncream and white chocolate

470,- per person

Meny 2

Fried scallops, celeriac pure, burned and pickled leeks, browned butter and dill

Main course
Veal filet, røstipotato, bearnaisesauce, pickled onion, chives oil, savoycabbage and oyster mushroom

Raspberrymousse on a layer of almond and hazelnuts, raspberry coulis and peanutcrunch

485,- per person

Meny 3

Grilled tuna, chilimayo, ponzu sauce, sesameseeds and cilantro

Main course
Heirloom chicken, grilled and pickled carrot and leeks, potatopure with horseradish, saltbaked yellowbeets and chicken sauce flavoured with ramson

Deconstructed lemontart, merengue and raspberry coulis

485,- per person

Meny 4 vegetarian

Beetroottartar, shaved horseradish, grilled spring onion and romecosauce

Main course
Baked celeriac, asparagusbeans, green asparagus, celeriac pure, roasted potatoes, pico de gallo and radish crudites

Whipped vegan cream, oatmeal crumble, pickled cherries and cherrycoulis topped with fresh oxalis

470,- per person

Shellfish buffet

shellfish Buffet
Task Crab claws
Marinated cockles
Green salad
Grilled dinner bowl, onion puree and capers pork
roast beef
Saffron aioli
Assorted cakes
Shellfish are placed on a shellfish plate

499,- per person

Spekemat buffet

Cured ham
‘Fenalår’ (Norwegian cured leg of lamb)
Cured sausages
Scrambled eggs
Potato salad
Sour cream
‘Flatbrød’ (Norwegian flat-bread)

3 90,- per person

Tapas menu 1

Patatas bravas
Albondigas served in tomato sauce
Tomato salad with goat cheese creme
Green asparagus with Serrano ham
Chicken thighs with sesame seeds and chili glaze
Cod with pistachio butter
Smoked salmon with egg creme
Green salad, pickled vegetables, cheese cream & walnuts
Olive tapenade with toasted bread
Manchego with fig chutney

Dessert Petit Four:
Variation of chocolate, fruit tartes and fresh fruit

440,- pr. person

Tapas menu 2

Meat balls
Home made roast beef
Potato salad
Mayonnaise and remoulade
Variation of cured hams
Smoked salmon with scrambled eggs
Potato-‘lefse’ (soft flat-bread) with chives and cream cheese
Pasta salad with shellfish
Green salad
Bread and whipped butter

380,- per person

Tapas menu 3

Grilled vegetables with onion puree
Tortilla with potatoes and cheese
Meat balls served in a tomato sauce
Cured meat
Smoked salmon with cream of eggs
Olive tapenade on toasted bread
Sashimi with soy sauce
Oven roasted potatoes with rosemary and garlic
Cod with pistachio butter
Green salad with pickled yellow beet roots
Variation of cheeses & fig compote
Focaccia & aioli

480,- per person

Tapas menu 4

Tomato salad & Mozzarella
Meat balls served in a spicy tomato sauce
Patatas bravas
Green salad with pickled fennel and goat cheese
Scampi with chili and dill
Manchego cheese and Serrano ham with fig compote
Focaccia & Aioli
Green beans & lemon vinaigrette

480,- per person

Salad buffet

Pasta salad
Green salad with pickeld beet roots
Tomato salad
Egg salad
Salt-baked beets and parsley
Roast beef
Bread & Aioli

320,- per person

Casseroles & Stews

Venison stew with cranberries and potatoes

Beef Stroganoff with rice and green salad

Beef Bourgogne with roasted Solør potatoes

1* serving 180,- per person

2* serving 250,- per person


Coffee / Tea kr. 25,-
Waffles with jam and sour cream kr. 25,- (Allergies:1, 3, 71 )
Waffles with ‘brunost’ (brown cheese) kr. 25,- (Allergies:1, 3, 71 )
Cinnamon rolls kr. 40,- (Allergies:1, 3, 71 )
Macaroons kr. 20,- (Allergies:3, 6, 7, 81 )
Mocca-cake kr. 40,- (Allergies:1, 3, 71 )
Flapjacks with fruit kr. 40,- (Allergies:1, 3, 71 )
Flapjacks with chocolate kr. 40,- (Allergies:1, 3, 6, 71 )
Muffins with raspberry kr. 40,- (Allergies:1, 3, 71 )
Muffins with chocolate kr. 40,- (Allergies:1, 3, 71 )
Mini Muffins kr. 26,- (Allergies:1,3,71 )
Mini-doughnut kr. 20,- (Allergies:1, 6, 7, 81 )
Cookie kr. 20,- (Allergies:1 )
Fruit platter kr. 42,-

Pausemat ved foredrag

Bread rolls with various toppings  40,- (Allergener: 1,7)
Baguette with roast beef  70,- (Allergener: 1,3,7,12)
Baguette with smoked salmon & scrambled eggs 70,- (Allergener: 1,3,4,7)
Baguette with ham & cheese 70,- (Allergener: 1,7)
Baguette with shrimps 70,- (Allergener: 1,2,3,7)
Sandwich with hamburger patty 72,- (Allergener: 1,7,12)
Sandwich with shrimps 72,- (Allergener: 1,2,3,7)
Sandwich with smoked salmon 72,- (Allergener: 1,3,4,7)
Sandwich with liver pâté 72,- (Allergener: 1,4,7,12)
Sandwich with Brie 72,- (Allergener: 1,7)
Focaccia with chicken, tomato and pesto 72,- (Allergener: 1,7)
Focaccia with Brie, rocket salad and balsamic vinegar 72,- (Allergener: 1,7,12)
Focaccia with roast beef, ramson mayo, pickled red onion & salad 72 ,- (Allergener: 1,3,7,12)
Focaccia with smoked salmon, goat cream cheese, chives & salad 72,- (Allergener: 1,4,7)
Focaccia with pulled pork, chipotle mayo, vegetables & salad 72,- (Allergener: 1,3,7)
Wraps with hummus and rocket salad 80,- (Allergener: 1,3)
Wraps with bulgur salad with chicken, scallions, sriracha-mayo 80,- (Allergener: 1,3)
Wraps with beef, Cheddar cheese, jalapenos, garlic dressing 80,- (Allergener: 1,3,7)
Wraps with bulgur salad with smoked salmon, scallions mayo 80,- (Allergener: 1,3,4,7)
Wraps with Capocollo ham, cream cheese, pickled beet roots 80,- (Allergener: 1,7,12)
Wraps with sweet potato cream, grilled vegetables, feta cheese 80,- (Allergener: 1,7)
3* canapés  125,- (Allergener: 1,7)
4* canapés  155,- (Allergener: 1,7)
5* canapés  180,- (Allergener: 1,7)

Regarding the canapés allergies may vary depending on the toppings.

Bread rolls, baguettes, sandwiches, wraps and canapés can be ordered gluten free as well.

Allergy overview

Gluten = 1
Crustaceans = 2
Egg = 3
Fish = 4
Peanuts = 5
Soy = 6
Milk = 7
Nuts = 8
Celery = 9
Mustard = 10
Sesame = 11
Sulphur dioxide, Sulphites = 12
Lupin = 13
Molluscs = 14

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