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We supply meals to the Norwegian Academy of Sciences

Conferences - companies - symposia

The Norwegian Academy of Sciences in Oslo rents out parts of the house for meetings, symposia, conferences and companies. Christiania Fine Dining delivers meals to the events and can also handle the decorating and serving.

We provide high quality meals. Our customers include Oslo City Hall, Bjerkebanen and high-level government.

We can supply catering to all types of events such as breakfast seminars, meeting meals, receptions, lunches, banquets, buffet dining.

We tailor your event.

Choose whether your guests will get a three-course dinner with a delicious dessert because it is an important selection or whether they should get exciting hand food while there is a break between two lectures. We bring food to events of the order of 20-100 people.

Come with your wishes for food and drink to us and we will give you an offer. Or tell us what kind of event you are planning at the Norwegian Academy of Sciences, and we will come up with suggestions.


Contact Eli Ann Volden:

Telephone: 92 01 94 12




Rental of premises

Contact Det Norske Videnskaps-Akademi.

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